Looking to...

Spring out of bed in the morning?

Find freedom in your movement? 

Build a stronger core? 

Improve your performance? 

Rid yourself of daily aches and pains? 

Feel more vibrant? 

Truly enjoy movement? 

Then our 1:1 movement coaching program is for you! 

Movement Coaching 

Care for the physical body is a just as important as care for the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. We nourish the body and the mind when we move in a way that supports our overall health and wellbeing. We offer movement coaching in two forms: 

  • 1:1 Pilates coaching 

    • Using a Classical Pilates approach, we help you strengthen your powerhouse, bulletproof your joints while you build mobility and strength ​

  • 1:1 Freedom in Movement Coaching

    • Designed to help you step back into your body, ​find love and joy in movement and discover yourself again