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Conscious Relating:
A Holistic Approach to Relationship Transformation

This program the heart of our work.


If you're ready to step into big JOY and authenticity, then you've found yourself in the right place


As we elevate the level of consciousness in our relationships (with friends, family, lovers, partners and most importantly, ourselves), we create a deep and lasting ripple effect on our lives.


Whether you want to change your world or THE world, this is how we do it. 


Conscious relating is the practice of bringing deeper levels of awareness to our relationships. As we practice this, we step back into our power and take control of our relationships again. This work is for the person who no longer wants to feel victim to their relationships & wants to truly start living an authentic and vibrant life.


In this 1:1 coaching container we cover how to live authentically & get the most pleasure and joy out of your relationships.


You can use these techniques to start improving the quality of your relationships, feel fully expressed, heard and understood, how to set clear boundaries and how to cultivate relationships filled with authentic joy and intimacy!

This coaching program is customized to each 1:1 client or couple. Here is a brief example of what we may cover with you:


  • How to speak your truth which enables you to finally feel like you're living authentically in all of your relationships 

  • How to build a strong and loving relationship with yourself

  • How to release your body of pain, discomfort and stiffness so that you can enjoy deeper, more intimate connections in your relationships

  • How to transform old ways of thinking so that you can move forward and build deep and lasting relationships 

... and so MUCH More!


Each session brings together the mind, body and breath to help you create deep & lasting change in your personal relationships. 

Step into radical authenticity with us today....


"I’ve been through a lot of coaching programs, but Jaime and Yonatan’s unique combination of movement, energy work and heart-opened feedback had a profound impact on me. Their holistic approach incorporating mind, body and soul is unlike any coaching style I’ve experienced.


I came to them looking to remove blocks around my romantic life, but I that was only a small part of what I gained. I got a true understanding of how my intentions/goals are derived from more than just the way I think…but also the way my body feels. After 3 months, I not only found an incredible romantic partner, but I feel more grounded and powerful in who I am, than ever before."

Melissa M. - Client

Tulum 2022
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