Cultivate Relationships Filled With Joy and Start Improving The Quality Of Your Relationships Today 

(Without Compromising Yourself)

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We believe that as we elevate the level of consciousness in our relationships (with friends, family, lovers, partners and most importantly, ourselves) we create a deep and lasting ripple effect in our communities.


To us, this work is how we change the world.


Conscious relating is the practice of bringing deeper levels of consciousness or awareness to our relationships. As we practice this, we learn to more deeply listen, take personal responsibility and ultimately, take the power over our lives back. This work is for the person who no longer wants to feel victim to their relationships & wants to truly start living an authentic and vibrant life.


In our 1:1 coaching container we cover how to live authentically & get the most pleasure and joy out of your relationships.


You can use these techniques to start improving the quality of your relationships, feel fully expressed, heard and understood, and even to cultivate relationships filled with authentic joy and intimacy!

We even show you how to finally set clear boundaries!


Our coaching work is customized to each 1:1 client or couple, but here is a brief example of what we may cover with you:


  • How to speak your truth which enables you to finally feel like you're living authentically in all of your relationships 

  • How to release your body of pain, discomfort and stiffness so that you can enjoy deeper, more intimate connections in your relationships

  • How to transform old ways of thinking so that you can move forward and build deep and lasting relationships 

... and much, MUCH More!


Each session brings together the mind, body and breath to help you create deep & lasting change in your personal relationships. 

Step into radical authenticity with us today....


"I am finally having conversations with myself that are loving. I don't know how I survived so long without feeling love for myself. I met Jaime and Yonatan through a class they taught. In that short class I learned things that started to change my life immediately. The amount of suffering in my life started to ease. I decided to get a consultation with them and see if we were a good fit. Since then I have healed and grown in ways I only thought possible in books and movies." - Will K

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