Meet Jaime and Yonatan

Coopetition Coaching is the heartchild of Jaime Anderson and Yonatan Elkayam. 


Coopetition applies the growth that we see in nature to our relationships. For a tree to truly grow, the roots must dig deep into the earth as the branches reach higher to the light. From the perspective of the roots or branches, things may seem to be moving apart, but when we look at the structure as a whole, we witness more strength and balance coming to the center

. We offer a safe space for our clients to explore the edges of their growth in order to truly flourish. Coopetition brings together embodiment, breath, Reiki healing & talk coaching to help couples create lasting change in their relationships. 



Jaime is a dancer, certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and Reiki Master. After a decade of guiding her clients through body transformation, she began to apply those same principles to relationship transformation.


Yonatan is a musician, film maker, actor, certified Pilates coach and Reiki Master. He brings his creative background to his coaching work & offers a unique & grounded experience to his clients.

Our Foundation: 

Breath work and meditation 
Intimacy and vulnerability work  

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What is Coopetition?


Much like a tree, in order to truly grow in our relationships, we must expand and create space. As our branches reach higher, our roots dig deeper. Leaves and roots growing further apart, all the while strengthening and balancing the center.