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"I am finally having conversations with myself that are loving. I don't know how I survived so long without feeling love for myself....I have healed and grown in ways I only thought possible in books and movies. I have felt so much love, my love. I have felt joy, fulfillment, sorrow, closure, awe. I've started being authentic with myself. Yes authentic with others as well. I feel safe with Yonatan and Jaime. I have shared things/burdens I have never shared with anyone, because until them I thought trust was an illusion, an act, a game of dare or chicken. I now know what trust feels like. I now know how it feels to feel safe. Safe in my head and safe with two amazing beings that continue to listen, guide, and nurture."

Will K - Client

Who are we?

We are Yonatan and Jaime, also known as Coopetition. We help people cultivate radical authenticity and step into JOY. We believe that you deserve to have the most fulfilling, joyful and authentic relationships of your life. From romantic partnerships to family dynamics to work-life balance, sometimes our relationships could use a little zhoosh* 


We take a somatic and energetic approach to relationship care by bringing together movement, breath, 1:1 coaching and energy healing to help you carve a simpler path to the best relationships of your life.


*zhoosh - /ZHo͝oSH/ - to make more exciting, lively, or attractive.*


Get in touch...text us your questions at:

Our work is for you if you're ready to...

Learn how to speak your truth
Remember what true self love feels like

Break free from unsatisfying relationship patterns
Experience more pleasure and joy in your relationships
Develop clear boundaries
Finally clear something up that you've been holding onto for YEARS
Step into BIG joy
and finally start living in your authenticity 

Our clients are some of our favorite people on the planet. They are brave and brilliant and committed to serious joy. Reach out if you're ready to step back into your power. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

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